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Gel Sore Spots

  • Product Code: SHE020
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Gel Sore Spots reduces pressure and friction on any part of the foot and relieves pain immediately. The unique hypoallergenic materials ensure its suitability for sensitive skin. İmmediate relief through ultra-soft cushioning protection reducing pressure & friction , Shelax Gel Sore Spots offers ultra-soft cushioning to reduce pressure and friction. It is particularly useful for sports footwear and comes with a high performance adhesive to keep the cut-to-size padding firmly in place. The material can be applied to any part of the foot or shoe. It’ll give cushioning protection to heels and toes and is particularly useful for sports footwear. Feet should be clean and dry before use. Apply the padding and press it firmly to ensure it is securely attached. The extensive Shelax Foot Care range has been scientifically developed with your comfort in mind , from Bunion pads to heel cushions, from Toe Splints to Flight Socks , whatever your feet need , we have the solution.

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